Day #26:  Isn’t he dreamy?! Basset love is the best kind of love. They are part human, part dog, part walrus, part shark, part cat, and part rabbit.  He is also part comedian, part trickster, part foodie, part dancer, and part hunter. He’s definitely my best pal. He encourages me to be all my parts too. I wonder if he knows he’s my muse?  ;0)


A la, Great Wall of Laundry. I’m not sure why I wait so long to do laundry. It could very well be because I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. Although I do have to admit, in the daily grind of maintaining, it feels like I really accomplished something to see these tall stacks in all their glory. Plus I really enjoy making stacks and sorting by person, garment, drawer of origin, so perhaps it is partly the compulsion to feed the machine inside.  

Day #25:  Pulp, paper of the books of fairy stories, as are the mushrooms. That is what I lovingly told my nieces. We discovered this dense population of large mushrooms, which sprang from the earth overnight, under my car. I couldn’t resist but tell them to approach slowly and Do Not Disturb!  This is where fairies live. A couple days later they started to turn brown and disappear. One of my nieces was pretty upset, but I said, “Fairies are flying creatures. They like to travel and enjoy living in many different places.” Oh the stories we tell, and often we never know exactly how meaningful or needed they are. 


Day #23:  Restless energy, boredom, all energies that would otherwise be wasted can be channeled into productive experimentation. Doodling is the name of the visual form, but all kind of actions or expenditures of energy in my book are “doodles”.  Humming. Cooking with Odds-n-Ends. Impromptu Jig. Concentrative Meditation. So waste not-want not, and get your doodle on!

I know there will be something I need, or have been looking, for in this box! From artworks to important paperwork to equipment this box was a catch all for a studio move.  Now it is time to empty the sucker out, and maybe there will be some items I can take to the thrift shop or give away.  When you move from one space to another, there are so many things you find you don’t need anymore. Empty those boxes = Treasure for friends or strangers!image


Today I would like to discuss the condition, self-named, Painter’s Fridge. Now this commonly happens in the houses of painters.  When you have a great deal of paint and you do not want to throw it out, you put it in the fridge so that it will keep.  However this paint has been in the cold box for TOO long. I’ll be opening, sorting, and painting textured backgrounds on birch panels with this left over paint.  What do you use your left overs for?

Rainbow Laundry #1:  So there is laundry and then there is what I call Rainbow Laundry!  Just for safety’s sake, and because I love sorting. Maintenance confessions of the obsessive!  Today we are doing a teals, turquoises, bright blues, and bright greens load.